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Though we know there were many horror host programs across the country, for many there is very little history left behind. Selwin is one such host.

Played by station director Ray Sparenburg (1939? - November 1, 2001), Selwin hosted Friday Fright Night from the fall of 1958 to 1961 on WISH-TV in Indianapolis. Worth noting is that Vampira reportedly co-hosted an episode of Fright Night and that, like his predecessors, Selwin had a well-supported fan club. One of the things that made Selwin unique, however, was that he had a pedigree to boast: he was the son of Catwoman and Wolfman.

The show's format changed over time from a horror-theme to a jungle-theme, and Selwin underwent costume changes as needed..though he kept his ghoulish make-up on under his pith helmet for his new character, "Jungle Jim." Selwin on Saturdays was on the air from late 1961 to April 1962. Sparenburg was then brought back to his late night slot, this time dressed as an astronaut and introducing science fiction films. The only thing clear about this show was that, even in a spacesuit, the was still unmistakably Selvin.

Sparenburg moved to Atlanta, where he reportedly tried to unsuccessfully revive his character, and the horror host mantle was passed on to Sammy Terry.

For more information about Selwin:
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