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As will become obvious with far too many of these entries, the search for information about America's horror host programs often leaves one with precious few facts.

Such is the case with Baltimore's television program Shock!.

Shock! was broadcast on WBAL-TV from November 9, 1957 to some time in 1959. This time, the program was presented as a family affair, with Richard and Nancy Lee Dix playing the husband and wife team Dr Lucifer and Mrs (Grace) Lucifer. Promotional photos show they were accompanied by daughter Lucretia little Baby Borgia, and a Great Dane with a tendency to present varied arms and legs to Dr Lucifer, but not much is apparently known about who filled these roles. The family photos have a definite "Addams Family" type of look to them.

We do know that Dix was a seasoned and versatile actor, and that Dr Lucifer was a bit of a bungling scientist...full of ambition, he was more often than not the victim of his schemes and experiments.

For more information and a photo about the Lucifer family:

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